Welcome to the Rochester Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship

We exist to strengthen biblical convictions about gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage its proclamation throughout our diocese. By:

  • Uniting evangelicals of different shades who are share a commitment to the matters of first importance.
  • Encouraging all who treasure this message to receive it and communicate it boldly, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Resourcing one another to do this through events and sharing online material.
  • Representing the views of evangelicals to the bishops and diocesan staff.

The headline image is of building work on the M2 Medway Bridge – a visual expression of our aim to unite evangelicals right across the diocese.

LLF Webinar Series

The DEF Living in Love and Faith Webinar Series Spring-Summer 2021

Four sessions aimed at helping evangelicals engage constructively in diocesan LLF discussions.

All sessions 1 pm – 2 pm on Zoom

Wednesday 21st April – LLF: An Introduction

Dr Martin Davie (Theological Consultant to the Church of England Evangelical Council)

Watch video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqzk2Fq7CkU&t=2619s

Wednesday 19th May – How can we help same-sex-attracted Christians to flourish?

Dr Sean Doherty (Co-founder, Living Out, and principal, Trinity College Bristol)

Wednesday 23rd June – Biblical hermeneutics in LLF: what’s going on?

Dr Chris Wright (International Ministry Director, The Langham Partnership)

Wednesday 21st July – Biblical Anthropology: how do we understand identity?

Dr Kirsten Birkett (Theological consultant to the Church Society)

For the Zoom link, contact Tim Edwards at rochesterdef@gmail.com